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FlightLookup core product is the FlightServer: an extremely fast and powerful dynamic connection building engine that saves you the expense, time, and pain of training your developers to be domain experts in Airline scheduling. FlightLookup provides a turnkey solution used by the major airlines, allowing fast system wide deployment through APIs and user defined reports. FlightLookup's FlightServer dynamically builds connections up to 6 hops (an industry first) providing flight displays connecting the world's airports. In addition, the Flight Server generates meta data allowing the FlightServer to be used throughout the organization accessed through APIs via a common platform updated on a weekly basis.


Flight Schedules Connection Building

  • Connection Building Services
  • Multihop connections
  • Multi day lookups
  • Batch Services

Airport Services

  • Show All Carriers Serving an Airport
  • Show All Destinations Served
  • Show All Routes Served
  • Show Routes Served by Airline
  • Show All Non-stop Routes Served
  • Show All Non-stop Routes Served by Airline
  • Show All Direct Routes Served
  • Show All Direct Routes Served by Airline
  • Show Airports by Country
  • Show Nearest Airport from Place Name
  • Show Nearest Airport from Lat/Long
  • List of Metro Codes
  • Airports by Metro Codes

Airline Services

  • Airlines by IATA Code
  • Airlines with operating Counties
  • Airlines by Metro Code
  • Show Airline Destinations
  • Show Airline Countries Served
  • Show Airline Airports Served in Country
  • Show Airline Routes
  • Show Airline Routes From/To Airport
  • Show Airline Nonstop Routes
  • Show Airline Nonstop Routes from airport
  • Show Airline Direct Routes
  • Show Airline Direct Routes from airport

Ancillary Information

  • Connection MCT
  • IATA Meal Codes
  • IATA Equipment Codes
  • IATA Entertainment Codes
  • IATA Traffic Restriction Codes
  • IATA Service Types
  • Country Codes
  • Explaining Codeshares