Route Map

The Route Map is a state of the art, dynamically updated graphical representation of your route network for your customers. The Graphical Booking Interface incorporates a Booking Module that interacts with mapping city selection and contains elements required for a search to display price. The GTT Route Map and Graphical Booking Interface products are modular - enabling you to customize a graphical interactive display of your unique route network.

Product Features for Route Map and Graphical Booking Interface

  • Dynamically updated
  • All of your stations display on a license free quality map
  • Destinations are indicated by an arced route line or by a blinking or color differentiated marker.
  • All destinations contain mouse over and right click information boxes indicating the city/airport name.
  • Any destination can be selected to form an origin/destination city pair for linking to and pre-populating a booking page.
  • The Route Map is a very flexible, module based solution with many included options. This allows for the construction of fully customized Route Map to optimize the brand and breadth of your unique network.

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