GTT is a single source data distributor and electronic platform provider for Airlines and the Travel Industry.

GTT's Application Services and Electronic Distribution Platform Collects, Processes and Distributes Your Content Through the Travel Infrastructure and to Customer Devices.

Route Map is a browser based online trip planner.
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GTT is the leading electronic distributor of information to current and next generation platforms in the travel industry. Our comprehensive suite of products based on automated travel content aggregation, normalization and distribution is a one stop end to end solution reaching the full spectrum of desired electronic platforms today and engineered to incrementally reach future platforms. 

Our mission is to process, publish and distribute reliable information from multiple sources to the new technology platforms; plan for tomorrow while delivering solutions for today's market needs.

Our reputation exemplifies this commitment on a daily basis, by providing best of breed product with the highest return on investment, highest customer satisfaction and lowest customer service issues. Because our mission is solely focused on processing, publishing and distributing reliable information to the multiple new technology platforms, you are assured of the continuous availability of features on these platforms as they evolve.

Our proven technology platforms in the market today include: wireless phone/PDA mini browser, RIM BlackBerry, iPhone, SmartPhone, Web 2.0 tools, Route Map, PC, PocketPC, Palm OS, AvantGo, pager, Internet timetable and PDF Timetable; to serve your branded flight schedules, flight status, flight paging, mileage plan, itinerary, ticketing and other travel content.

With the fastest flight lookup technologies, global multi homed server network, direct airline or CRS feeds middleware solutions, we deliver:

  • Rapid time to market
  • Highest customer satisfaction
  • Most reliable solutions with fastest response times

Engage GTT and you get a technology partner offering branding opportunities while delivering  your mission critical information on your customers' platform of choice.